I found Amy


Production diary #03

Shooting star

Casting for Watch the Skies is officially complete.

I’ve cast a few short films, and it’s never the most fun part of the process. Crucial, obviously, but not fun. It’s great when you find the right person, and your character finally has a solid, human form, but the journey to get there can often be fairly excruciating.

Now, I’m sure it’s infinitely less fun from the actors’ perspective (and even more so when you’re auditioning in person) but it can still be painful just to watch. People are exposing themselves for your judgement; you want everyone to be great and perfect and exactly-like-what-you-had-in-your-head-only-better-in-ways-you-couldn’t-have-imagined, but there’s inevitably a lot of not right to wade through to get there.

The search for Amy, miraculously, was about as painless as you could hope for. Out of the eight or so actors I invited to audition, the first to return their video was Michelle Allan.

And she nailed it.

There were other actors who did a good job with the audition scene, but from the moment I saw Michelle, it was hers to lose. It was obvious she’d make a great Amy, and everyone who saw the videos agreed.

I got in touch shortly after, and Michelle agreed to come on board.

After a couple of months of delays and dragged feet then, we’re suddenly barrelling towards production. In fact, we start shooting in exactly one week.

The next seven days will be full of call sheets, and shooting schedules, and wardrobe, and props, and camera tests, and lighting tests, and shot lists, and planning food…

There’s lots to do but, in finding Michelle, a pretty huge chunk of the film is now in place.


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