I’m making a movie

Production diary #01


It’s true. Finally.

It’s a short sci-fi drama that I’ve written called Watch the Skies.

It features a single character, no dialogue, and a limited set of at-hand locations. It’s designed to fit within the limitations of the production, Robert Rodriguez-style.

It was conceived to work within the geography of my house. The action has been choreographed to work with furniture in its current position, and with minimal disruption. I’ll be able to shoot the whole thing with a small crew over two days.

This isn’t the first scripted short I’ve made. But it is the first since my degree, and it’ll be good to get back into production after a couple of years writing. Right now, the plan is to shoot before the end of April (quite a bit before, ideally), and to have a finished film by early summer.

I’ll be documenting the process to keep myself on track. Nothing like the spectre of public shaming to crack the whip.



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