The Alternate Oscars


A moment for the best pictures not nominated for Best Picture


2015 was a remarkably strong year for film. So strong, in fact, that there’s an alternate, but equally-strong Best Picture race being run in a parallel Los Angeles, featuring none of the films currently vying for a trophy. Some were early favourites that dropped off, some received bafflingly-average reviews, others were near-locks right up until they weren’t.

Without further ado, the Alternate Oscars.


Oscar predictions 2016


My picks for the closest Oscar race in years


Best Picture

The Martian
The Revenant
The Big Short
Bridge of Spies
Mad Max: Fury Road

The underappreciated master


From Jaws to Bridge of Spies: why Steven Spielberg still doesn’t get his due


It’s a curious thing. On one hand, you’re the most successful director in cinema history with over $9.1 billion in worldwide grosses; you’ve got a pair of Best Director Oscars, plus a third for Best Picture; your resume reads like a cultural ‘best of’ list from the last three decades. On the other, you’re arguably the most underappreciated director around.

Such is the case of Steven Spielberg.

A study in hopelessness


Making a Murderer is riveting. And depressing as hell


Netflix’s Making a Murderer is the scariest thing on television in recent memory. It was also a fitting dénouement to a year that’s already see the internet obsess over Serial’s Adnan Syed and The Jinx’s Robert Durst, alongside a never-ending stream of police violence and corruption. It’s a ten-hour white-knuckle ride that ends not in redemption or victory or really anything that might resemble justice, but rather with a profound sense of hopelessness.

For a moment, as racks up hundreds of thousands of signatures for a ‘free Steven’ petition; and Reddit burns through alternate theories, True Detective-style; and Anonymous claims to have uncovered new evidence; it’s possible to imagine that maybe we the people might actually have some impact. Then you remember the institutions involved, and the hopelessness comes rushing back.